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Scientific Sessions

Scientific Sessions

Session 1Microbiome

Session 2Virology

Session 3Corona Virus

Session 4Infectious Diseases and Human Virology

Session 5Public Health Microbiology

Session 6Clinical and Molecular Virology

Session 7Microbial Ecology and Evolution

Session 8Medical microbiology

Session 9Microbial biotechnology

Session 10Infection Control and Prevention

Session 11Microbial Infections

Session 12Novel Antiviral Therapies

Session 13Viral Genetics

Session 14Vaccines against Emerging Diseases

Session 15Viral Diseases

Session 16Viral Immunology

Session 17Influenza and other Respiratory Diseases

Session 18Bacterial and Fungal Virology

Session 19Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Session 20Autoimmune Diseases

Session 21Viral Disease Outbreaks

Session 22Viral Pathogenesis

Session 23Drug Resistance of Microbes

Session 24Antimicrobial Agents

Session 25Host Microbe Biology and Interactions

Session 26Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Session 27Current Trends in Microbiology

Session 28Environmental Microbiology

Session 29Clinical and Diagnostic Virology

Session 30Gut Microbiota

Session 31Microbial Biofilms

Session 32Plant & Animal Microbiology