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Early Bird Registration Date: 24 March 2023

Scientific Sessions

Scientific Sessions

Session 1Cell Biology

Session 2Molecular Biology

Session 3Biomolecules

Session 4Stem Cell Research

Session 5Chemical Biology

Session 6Tissue Culture

Session 7Bacterial Cell

Session 8Cellular and Gene Therapy

Session 9Plant Molecular

Session 10Molecular Medicine

Session 11RNA

Session 12Microbial Cell

Session 13Gene Expression and Regulation

Session 14Blood Cells

Session 15Cell Wall

Session 16Tumour cell science

Session 17DNA

Session 18Developmental Biology

Session 19Structural Biology

Session 20Stem Cell Drugs

Session 21Regenerative Medicine

Session 22Cell Therapy

Session 23Cell Science

Session 24Mitochondria

Session 25Cancer Cells

Session 26Immunology and Immunotherapy

Session 27Translational Medicine

Session 28COVID-19

Session 29Biochemistry

Session 30Endoplasmic Reticulum

Session 31Cell Physiology

Session 32Cell Membrane

Session 33Genomics

Session 34Cell Injury