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Scientific Sessions

Scientific Sessions

Session 1Health Sciences

Session 2Nursing and Primary care

Session 3Public Health

Session 4Psychiatry and Mental Health

Session 5Natural, Environmental and Health Sciences

Session 6Medicine and Medical science

Session 7Digital Healthcare

Session 8Infectious Diseases

Session 9Forensic Microbiology

Session 10Women’s Health, Gynaecology & Obstetrics Disorders

Session 11Cardiology and Hypertension

Session 12Dental Health Education

Session 13Dermatology

Session 14Cancer & Oncology

Session 15Palliative Care

Session 16Children’s Health & Pediatrics

Session 17Eye Health

Session 18Clinical Laboratory Science

Session 19Rehabilitation & Disability Rehabilitation

Session 20Biopharma and Bio therapeutics

Session 21Nutrition & Food Safety

Session 22Endocrinology and Diabetes

Session 23Neurology and Neurological Sciences

Session 24Gerontology

Session 25Asthma

Session 26Gastroenterology

Session 27Surgery

Session 28Rheumatology & Nephrology

Session 29Patient Care

Session 30Digital Pharma & Future Pharma

Session 31Pharmacology and Toxicology

Session 32Pharmaceutical Sciences & therapeutics

Session 33Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacoepidemiology

Session 34Drug discovery and NCEs

Session 35Clinical & Hospital Pharmacy

Session 36Pharmaceutical Research & Development

Session 37Biomedical Devices

session 41Corona Virus Drug Discovery & Vaccine Design

Session 38Novel Drug Delivery Systems

Session 39Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology

Session 40Current Therapeutic Drugs Treating COVID-19