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2nd International Conference on

Food Science & Nutrition

Theme: Food Science Innovations for a Sustainable Future

May 12-14, 2025









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We cordially welcome you to the 2nd International Conference on Food Science & Nutrition, a prestigious global event dedicated to shedding light on the exposure of Food Science & Nutrition. With immense pleasure, we announce that this conference is scheduled to take place from May 12th-14th, 2025, in the captivating city of Copenhagen, Denmark. The food science conference’s central theme, “Food Science Innovations for a Sustainable Future,” aims to gather renowned experts, distinguished researchers, industry leaders, and practitioners from around the world to explore and discuss the latest advancements, breakthroughs, and challenges in the realm of food science and nutrition. Together, we will delve into innovative strategies, cutting-edge research, and evidence-based solutions that are shaping the future of the food industry and influencing global health and nutrition. Throughout the leading nutrition event, attendees can expect an engaging array of sessions that include enlightening keynote presentations, interactive workshops, insightful panel discussions, and thought-provoking case studies. Each session will be thoughtfully curated to provide practical knowledge, actionable strategies, and impactful approaches for addressing critical issues and opportunities in food science and nutrition. By participating in this Food Science & Nutrition conference, you will have the unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends, research findings, and emerging technologies in the field. Moreover, networking with peers, experts, and professionals will foster valuable connections that can lead to collaborative partnerships and future advancements in the industry.

Join us in the vibrant city of Copenhagen, renowned for its rich culture, gastronomic delights, and historical significance. Immerse yourself in the conference’s stimulating atmosphere while exploring the city’s iconic landmarks, world-class cuisine, and artistic treasures. Let Denmark’ charm inspire you to contribute to the field of food science and nutrition, and together, we will shed light on the path toward a healthier and more sustainable future. Mark your calendars and register for the 2nd International Conference on Food Science & Nutrition, May 12-14, 2025, in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark. We look forward to your participation and valuable contributions to this momentous event.

Dr. Brad McEwen

Title : The importance of nutritional medicine in optimizing mental health

Dr. Khaled Alakeel

Title : Soilless Agriculture: Growing Without Limits

Dr. Ana Sofia Gomes

Title : Mastering Texture: The Ingredient that Makes the Difference

Dr. Ellen Kayumi M Sawazaki

Title : Effects of supplementation with biofortified sweet potato leaf flour on metabolism, adipositu and oxidative stress in male Wistar rats

Ms. Mahshid Askarizadeh

Title : Encapsulation of Rosemary Essential Oil in Carrageenan by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: Antioxidant and Antibacterial study

Dr. Silvia Luna-Suarez

Title : Enhancement of techno-functional properties of an amaranth protein modified by bioactive peptide insertions

Dr. Gabriella Kisko

Title : Food safety and Quality through natural antimicrobials

Dr. Annunziata Giangaspero

Title : Contamination of fresh produce by protozoan parasites: implications for public health

Dr. Jonas Raul Balbinoti

Title : Plant-based coagulants for food industry wastewater treatment

Dr. Andrea Osimani

Title : Microbiota and Physico-Chemical Characteristics of the Montenegrin Njeguski Cheese


Organizaing Committee

Dr. Brad McEwen


Dr. Silvia Luna-Suarez


Dr. Jonas Raul Balbinoti


Dr. Khaled Alakeel

Saudi Arabia


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Dr. Mahshid Askarizadeh

The conference was excellent, and I found the topics discussed by the speakers to be very beneficial as they combined academic insights with industry perspectives. Thank you once again for everything.

Dr. Gabriella Kisko

 Like other participants, I was very surprised that so few people attended the conference. But the event had a nice, family atmosphere. It gave participants even more opportunities to network. The conference venue and accommodation were also of good quality.

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