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Scientific Sessions

Scientific Sessions

Session 1Fundamentals of Food Technology

Session 2Food Preservation

Session 3Principles of Food Science

Session 4Food And Nutrition

Session 5Food Microbiology

Session 6Food Chemistry

Session 7Food Quality and Sensory Evaluation

Session 8Probiotics and Functional Foods

Session 9Animal Nutrition

Session 10Food Hygiene and Sanitation

Session 11Nutritional Disorders

Session 12Advances in Food Biotechnology

Session 13Technology of Cereals, Pulses, and Oilseeds

Session 14Dietary Fibre

Session 15Clinical Nutrition

Session 16Probiotics and Prebiotics

Session 17Food Drug Interaction

Session 18Nutritional Epidemiology

Session 19Food Production and Consumption

Session 20Natural & Artificial food additives

Session 21Nutritional Immunology & Food Allergies

Session 21Food Waste Management

Session 22Sports Nutrition

Session 23Food Processing & Technology

Session 24Chemical Fermentation Technology

Session 25Food-borne Diseases

Session 26Food hygiene and sanitation

Session 27Nutraceuticals & Nutrition Supplements

Session 28Enzymes in Food Processing

Session 29Quality Assurance of Food Products

Session 30Global Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Food Industry

Session 31Livestock Nutrition