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2nd International Conference on

Environmental Science & Green Energy

Theme : Impact, excellence and beyond: Reframing the science-society relationship with Earth and Environmental Science.

May 12-14, 2025

Copenhagen, Denmark








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About Conference

MindSpace Conferences is thrilled to announce the upcoming “2nd International Conference on Environmental Science & Green Energy” set to take place in the picturesque city of Copenhagen, Denmark, from May 12-14, 2025. This conference is dedicated to exploring the theme of “Impact, Excellence, and Beyond: Reframing the Science-Society Relationship with Earth and Environmental Science,” aiming to foster knowledge exchange and innovative solutions for the betterment of our planet’s ecosystems. Renowned experts in environmental science and green energy will convene, providing attendees with invaluable insights and perspectives. Participants can anticipate engaging discussions, enlightening keynote speeches, and access to the latest advancements in the field. The conference agenda will cover a diverse array of topics, including climate change, environmental conservation, sustainable development, and renewable energy. Additionally, attendees will have abundant networking opportunities, facilitating collaboration and the potential for future partnerships and projects.

Copenhagen, renowned for its progressive approach to sustainability and environmental stewardship, will be the esteemed host of the “International Conference on Environmental Science & Green Energy” in 2025. This exceptional gathering will assemble leading experts, researchers, and professionals from across the globe to delve into the pressing issues of environmental science and sustainable energy. Set against the backdrop of Copenhagen’s charming streets, innovative urban design, and commitment to eco-conscious living, the conference offers attendees a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a city at the forefront of environmental innovation. Delegates will have the chance to explore Copenhagen’s iconic landmarks, such as the Tivoli Gardens and the picturesque Nyhavn waterfront, while also experiencing the city’s renowned sustainability initiatives firsthand.

Dr. Giovanni Pagano

Title : Patterns of Topsoil Pollution and Multiendpoint Toxicity in Different Industrial Facilities

Dr. Marco Trifuoggi

Title : Hormetic Effects of Rare Earth Elements from Inhibition/Toxicity to Stimulation

Dr. Chunxing Fan

Title : A Performance Evaluation System for Product Eco-design in the Fashion Supply Chain

Dr. Shilpa Kumari

Title : Functional Photovoltaic Panels: An efficient effective way of electricity generation

Dr. Thaise Machado Senez-Mello

Title : Pollutant Sources of a Highly Eutrophicated Bay: Insights from a Stable Isotope Mixing Model in a Multiproxy Approach

Dr. Sareh Rajabi

Title : Identification and Assessment of Sustainability Performance Indicators for Construction Projects

Dr. Monica Imelda Martínez Acuna

Title: Big Data Tools to Address Environmental Health Challenge

Prof. Hippolite Amadi

Title: United Nations’ NetZero Carbon Emission is Achievable - A Lesson from the Neonatal Rescue Scheme (NRS) in Nigeria

Prof. Harvinder Singh

Title: Automated System for Defect Discrimination and Grading in Citrus Fruits Presenting

Dr. Pedro Gasparinetti

Title: Economic Valuation of Artisanal Small-scale Gold Mining Impacts: A Framework for Value Transfer Application

Organizing Committee

Dr. Giovanni Pagano


Dr. Pedro Gasparinetti


Dr. Chunxing Fan


Dr. Marco Trifuoggi




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I found the event to be highly informative and well-structured, providing valuable insights into current research and developments in the field. The keynote speakers were particularly impressive, and the networking opportunities were excellent. I appreciated the diverse range of topics covered and the chance to engage with experts from various disciplines.

Thank you very much for you and your team for great arrangements for the conference. I enjoyed the comprehensive discussions with all scholars around the world and learned a lot from them as well.

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