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Journals Module

Journals Module

About the Journal

The shifting to green and low-carbon economy is at the heart of carbon neutrality actions worldwide. Green and Low-Carbon Economy (GLCE) publishes significant original research that seeks to understand and address the economic challenges in transitioning to a carbon-neutral world. The journal aims to advance the understanding of how to achieve a green and low-carbon economy, its human and policy dimensions, and potential solutions. The journal’s mission is to provide a single and leading platform to facilitate cross-disciplinary dialogue around the green and low-carbon economy research from the economy, social, environmental, management, and applied sciences that seek to answer questions like:

  • The measurement, drivers, and mechanisms of green and low-carbon economy
  • Barriers and strategies to green and low-carbon economy transition
  • The social, political, and technological pathways for green and low-carbon economy

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Mission/Why Pragma: To foster genuine and innovative research in various fields of pure and applied sciences and technology, our aim is to disseminate this knowledge globally by means of our journals and conferences.

Vision: Emphasizing excellence, originality, and transparency in advancing global scientific research, we strive to eliminate barriers to publication for researchers and scholars. Through fostering collaboration, our goal is to channel the most dependable scientific information for the betterment of humanity

About the Journal

Pragma is an endeavour to promote open-access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary and fully referred journal publishing organization. Pragma Journals encourage scientists and researchers to publish their findings which span the full spectrum of sciences such as Life Sciences, Medical Science, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Formal Sciences, and Applied sciences. Established in the year 2020, Pragma Journals aim to promote Global Research and help researchers overcome the barriers for the progression of science and knowledge. Pragma Journals intends to promote scientific findings after stringent quality checks and by adhering to internationally acceptable benchmarked publishing standards. Pragma conferences are expressions of the state of the art technology and sciences, where knowledge dissemination takes place through debates, discussions, live streaming and collaborations. Our conferences facilitate academic-industry connect and aims to achieve scientific excellence through affiliations and collaborative research efforts for knowledge dissemination.

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Mission/Why Pragma: To promote authentic and original research online, in all major branches of pure and applied sciences and technology with a view to reaching the global scientific fraternity through our journals and conferences.

Vision: Prioritizing quality originality and openness through progress scientific research on a global scale where researchers and scholars are unfettered by barriers of publications. By encouraging collaboration, we aim to channel the most reliable scientific data for the benefit of mankind.