Abstract Submission Opens: 30 September 2022

Early Bird Registration Date: 24 March 2023

Scientific Sessions

Scientific Sessions

Session 1Environmental Microbiology

Session 2Agriculture and Horticulture

Session 3Environmental Pollution

Session 4Biodiversity

Session 5Earth Science

Session 6Bioenergy & Biofuels

Session 7Renewable And Non-Renewable Energy

Session 8Environmental Sustainability

Session 9Greenhouse Gases

Session 10Geothermal Energy

Session 11Water Resources

Session 12Biorenewable Chemicals

Session 13Sustainable Energy

Session 14Hydropower

Session 15Environmental Health

Session 16Wind Energy

Session 17Landscape Ecology

Session 18Solar Energy

Session 19Deforestation

Session 20Wastewater Management & Restoration

Session 21Global Warming

Session 22Environmental Technology

Session 23Climate Change

Session 24Soil Degradation

Session 25Pollution Control

Session 26Environmental Chemistry

Session 27Forest Restoration and Management

Session 28Environmental Engineering

Session 29Environmental Geology

Session 30Sustainable Development

Session 31Energy Efficiency

Session 32Power & Electricity Generation

Session 33Renewable Resource

Session 34Environmental Issues

Session 35Hydroelectric Power

Session 36Recycling